Pants in organic muslin GOTS | sandy

kr 249.00
Soft and comfortable trousers in Museline cotton with knit in the waistband. Can be matched with a muslin cotton shirt in the same color!
  • litt oversized passform
  • With pockets on the side
  • Made in soft 100% GOTS certified organic mussel cotton of the highest quality quality.
  • Knit in the pant
  • Sizes: 6-12m, 1-2y, 2-3y, 3-4y, 4-5y
  • Designed in Norway and produced in the EU to the highest ethical standards

Colour: sand. Wash: machine wash at 30 degrees. Weight: 130gr/m2

What's GOTS?

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an international labelling scheme for organic textiles. The labelling scheme requires a minimum of 70 % of the fibres to be organic; and that textiles must meet environmental and health requirements throughout the production process. Social criteria and safety for workers are also included in the requirements.

GOTS covers all aspects of production: processing, production, chemical consumption, water consumption, waste, packaging, labelling, distribution and sales. Requires the biodegradability and non-toxicity of dyes; the finished product does not contain allergens or residues of dangerous chemicals. GOTS also requires social responsibility and the safety of workers as hms requirements, entitlement to minimum wage; Overtime, discrimination and much more. Conventional cultivation of natural fibres, such as cotton, requires large amounts of environmentally-toxic sprayers. Choosing organic and GOTS certified clothing is an important environmental choice.